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Tips of the Trade

With one of the coldest, snowiest winters on Kentucky record, it’s no wonder that Northern Kentucky, KY homeowners everywhere are exhausted. If non-stop shoveling and salt-stained driveways are keeping you up at night, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, with spring still several weeks away, we’re not out of the woods (or snow!) quite yet.

Although tiresome, removing snow from your property comes with the territory of being a Kentucky homeowner. It is an essential practice for keeping your driveway and walkways safe and liveable. If you’re looking for ways to make the stresses of winter a little bit easier, read on below as Weed Man Northern Kentucky, KY explores some helpful tips for putting an end to the winter wonderland that is waiting right outside your door.  

Invest in a Snow Blower

We realize that snow blowers are expensive, and that it may seem like a bit of a cop out to include this option on our list. However, if you live in a northern climate with particularly harsh winters, a snow blower is a truly worthwhile investment. As many homeowners have learned the hard way, snow removal can be an incredibly time consuming and physically taxing undertaking. Snow blowers speed up the process and do the labor for you – a win/win. Tip: Purchasing one off-season can save you mega bucks.

Buy a Better Shovel

Shoveling is hard enough. Using a poorly constructed shovel will only make things harder. Flimsy scoops, uncomfortable handles, heavy equipment, and little to no grip are just a few of the common complaints home stores hear around this time of year. When shopping, keep in mind that a large, lightweight shovel with a metal or hard plastic scoop is most effective.

Make it a Family Affair

Don’t be afraid to recruit your family to help out. Get the kids bundled up in their snow suits and then get to work. Shoveling is much more enjoyable when everyone is involved – not to mention that extra hands help get the job done faster! Bonus: the extra snow that you heap onto the lawn is perfect for building snow forts!

Hire a Professional

When the going gets really tough and you just can’t bear the thought of strapping on your snow boots, consider hiring a professional. Local plowing companies often have packages that allow you to book multiple visits with one service call. Although this comes at an extra cost, it can be a nice reprieve after months of sub-zero shoveling.  

When homeowners grow tired of snow removal, they often resort to putting it off for as long as possible. Weed Man recommends staying on top of your shoveling schedule, as leftover snow can become compacted and icy, creating a danger zone for your family and neighbors.

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